Licensed to Ocean Athletics Track & Field Club
                                        HY-TEK's Meet Manager 8/2/2018 10:57 AM
      2018 Canadian Masters Outdoor Championships - 8/3/2018 to 8/5/2018       
                          South Surrey Athletic Park                           
                               Performance List                                
Event 6  M30-69 Throws Pentathlon (18)
     Name                         Age Team                                  
  1  Peters, Johannes             M64 Ultra Throw                 
  2  Pearson, Bill                M66 Throwers Clu                
  3  Arthur, Andrew               M56 Ultra Throw                 
  4  Paterson, Scott              M35 Unattached A                
  5  Laughton, Lester             M66 New Zealand                 
  6  Bains, Mohan                 M68 Ultra Throw                 
  7  Dabrowa, Jerzy               M60 Unattached O                
  8  Hessel, Patrick              M66 Unattached A                
  9  Morfitt, Graham              M51 Comox Valley                
 10  Steele, Sean                 M56 Athletics Vi                
 11  Wilson, Kier                 M46 Unattached A                
 12  Jack, Byron                  M51 Unattached B                
 13  Seals, Brian                 M65 Unattached A                
 14  Parsons, Dan                 M50 Unattached A                
 15  Wiebe, Shane                 M48 Kamloops Tra                
 16  Szafranski, Longin           M66 Unattached A                
 17  Dailey, Mike                 M55 Cowichan Val                
 18  Landels, Wesley              M56 Vernon Amate